Samsung printer cartridges

Samsung printer cartridges

Having ordered some new Samsung colour laser jet printer cartridges in a value pack of 4 (saves money and packaging we thought) – we were horrified to find a box turn up on our doorstep which was bigger than the printer itself – and it wasn’t even packed in a shipping carton.

So here’s the puzzle:

The outer box has oversize flaps
Inside the outer box is an inner box.
Inside the inner box is polystyrene – a top and a bottom
Inside the polystyrene are 4 boxes
Inside each box are plastic airbags (the ‘air tubes’ type)
Inside each airbag is a red plastic bag
Inside each red plastic bag is a cartridge with a plastic protective ‘shin pad’ taped on

Bags, boxes, polystyrene, cartons, how much high tech packaging did we just pay for?

Answer: – just under 3kg of packaging!

Samsung – outrageous, don’t you think!