Seme Nedis new website (June 2011)

Seme Nedis new website (June 2011)

When we saw that Seme Nedis had redesigned their website, we took a peek to see what they’d done – and were horrified by the orientation of their main product navigation menu. It’s a sure-fire quick-bake recipe for aching necks, that’s for sure!

It’s not hard to improve on readability, using no more space that already used, and without requiring that awkward tilting of the head.

I only hope for the sake of their staff and customers that they take this on board for a less painful neckst design iteration.

Less painful...

Less painful…

[Not to mention the fact (ok, so we’re mentioning it) that the top left logo doesn’t link ‘home’, but if we start analysing the whole site we’re going to be here for a while…]