Tonight I will be giving a lightning talk at the Red Gate offices for the UXLondon Redux Event. I’ll be speaking on the relationship between User Experience, Customer Experience, The Kano Model and Sturgeon’s Law: topics and relationships that inspired me during the event, and that I’d like to share. I’ll add the notes and slides of my talk here afterwards.

I’ll also be speaking at the Mobile East conference on 29 June – talking about ‘Mobile Last’ – Considering the mobile experience when it’s too late for ‘Mobile First’. Mobile First is a great action to bear in mind when creating a new website or product, but for many who have already invested in the desktop browser, this advice comes too late. This talk covers some of the considerations to take into account when transitioning to mobile, including the difference between types of user and their behaviour; the constraints and opportunities that mobile provides; and strategies for mobile content delivery, organisation, layout, and navigation.