Well, it’s been a long time coming. I mean we had a slidery carouselly thing for years, and it had silly little handles on the ends. Well that’s gone for a start.

The problem is when you’re so busy designing other people’s landscapes, you can’t find time to look after your own patch of turf. Not that that’s really changed – things are busier than ever right now. But the time had come to give a little love back to the site that’s been plodding along serving us for so long.

We gave the home page a shiny thing to sit in the window – a stunning film of ink drops in water. It symbolizes an interface between two things that mix unpredictably – in our case  it’s a metaphor for the interaction between computers and people – the user interface. User interfaces can be oh-so-messy, sometimes visually, sometimes structurally, and their journey is often hardly straightforward. And yet, when an interface is done right, it’s a wonderful thing.

We got responsive. Obviously. Had to be done. And that meant we could do away with one theme for desktop and another fallback theme for mobile. Finally getting round to practice what we preach! Not ironic – just embarrassing!

We changed the font from serif back to sans-serif. We played with serif for a while, but we were never really happy with it. It had to be too big – like Medium. Medium the website, not medium the size. We wanted clean not arty!

There’s more whitespace now. Not just more – waaaaay more whitespace. Great big thick lovely chunks of beautiful whitespace. Almost enough whitespace to hang a hammock between the two walls.

You’ll see share buttons in a sidebar and underneath posts. Previously they just got in the way of the flow far too much, so we’ve mostly tucked them to one side and we’ll see how that goes.

Talking of sharing, thanks to Josiah Sprague there’s this really neat little feature where you can select a bit of text (go on, try it) and a tweet button pops up right over it, letting you quote it straight out to your followers. Little big details! I’m sure you’ve probably seen it before in articles on Medium or the new Guardian website, but it’s a new toy for us!

Other than that, ‘fraid it’s all the same old content though, so not everything’s changed. We’ll try and turn some of that round more often too, so come back soon.