Some of our more popular articles and resources

When we write articles or post resources on here, sometimes you can almost hear the tumbleweed roll by in the breeze, and sometimes they can be a surprise hit. It’s not an exact science by any means, but by definition each popular article must have an audience that finds it useful.

Here then, is a handful of the posts that hit our top ten list month after month.

Effective design of data tables

17 illustrated examples for understanding and improving the user’s experience when viewing data tables. Many of the considerations outlined in this article are relevant to many aspects of content and interface design, not just to data tables.

Research methods to use when creating personas

A short article on what research methods can be used to create personas. For shoestring and big budgets, small teams and large, and with a few references to other great articles and resources.

The mobile user experience

A slideshare and notes about transitioning from desktop to mobile, including the difference between types of user and their behaviour; the constraints and opportunities that mobile provides; and strategies for mobile content organisation, layout, and navigation.

Free background images

Extracting regions of light, gradient, texture and grain from photos is a great way to make background images for content, so we’ve done the legwork and provided over 150 images taken from high resolution photos.

They range in width from about 800 to 2000px but all have the same ratio of 4:1.

And they’re free to use for any purpose. You’re welcome.

Creating buttons with metal and glass

An easy SVG button design starter tutorial showing how to create buttons with metal and glass effects using a vector graphics tool such as Inkscape. Not just creating the button but the optics of what is actually happening with light reflection and refraction in real life, and how to use that to design effective graphics.

Squeezing the most out of browser tabs

What happens when you start opening too many tabs in your browser? Does it still let you work effectively, and which browsers deal with it the best? We reviewed the top five browsers to see what worked and what didn’t.

Review of Lloyds Bank Statement Export

Odd one this. How did this review of a small but necessary banking feature get to be one of our most popular articles? Tools used by huge numbers of people locked in to using your site need to work properly, easily and effectively, meeting the needs and expectations of the user. I guess this critique hit home with a lot of users.